Swiss – 12oz

Swiss cheese is a generic name for several related varieties of cheese. It is an American version of the Swiss Emmental and is known for being a shiny, pale yellow. While it has a firmer texture than baby Swiss, its flavor is mild, sweet and nut-like, savory and not very sharp. Some types of Swiss cheese have a distinctive appearance with holes known as “eyes.” Swiss cheese without eyes is known as “blind.” Generally, the larger the eyes in a Swiss cheese, the more pronounced its flavor!

The process used in making Swiss cheese is designed in a way that no rind forms on the cheese. It can be eaten with fruits such as apples, pears, grapes, and with thinly-sliced prosciutto ham and salami. Fruity white wine, aged red wine, cranberry-raspberry juice, tomato or vegetable juices also prove to be great pairs for Swiss cheese.


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