Colby – Cracker Cut – 10oz

Our Colby cracker cuts are perfect for slicing and placing on your favorite cracker to satisfy your snack craving!

Colby cheese, originally called Colby Swiss Cheddar, is a semi-hard American cheese prepared from cow’s milk. Developed in 1874 by Joseph Steinwand at his cheese factory near Colby, Wisconsin, it is often compared to cheddar cheese since both are dyed to appear orange, even though they taste radically different. Due to U.S. dairy regulations, Colby cheese is made from pasteurized cow’s milk and is available at many grocery stores. The cheese was  While the cheese looks similar Cheddar due to the color, Colby cheese is softer, and has a more open texture and higher moisture content. The flavor is milder and creamier than Cheddar. Colby does not undergo the cheddaring process, but is instead manufactured with a washed curd process that reduces the acid content, making the cheese less tangy.


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