Cheddar Cheese Curd – White 12 oz

Fresh cheese curds are bite-size solid parts of soured milk either eaten alone or used in regional dishes, especially in Canada and United States. The formation of curds is always part of the cheese making process, but “cheese curds” are a product unto themselves. They are 1 to 3-inch pieces of cheese with a mild, cheddar-like flavor and slightly rubbery texture that squeak when you bite into them. For this reason, cheese curds are also called “squeaky cheese.” Curds lose their squeaky texture after approximately twelve hours, even if they are refrigerated. They are mild and salty, but the flavor can differ slightly depending on how they’re made. Most varieties are naturally uncolored, as they don’t require artificial coloring. However, since cheese curds are made during the process of making cheddar cheese, the color can be white, yellow or orange. They are usually sold at the site where they’re made since they are best eaten fresh.


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